Aaron & Tricia Coronis

Aaron and Trica Coronis are the founders of Stepping Stones Ministry. They have been married since September 6, 1997. They have seven beautiful children and live in the Sealy area.

Their journey together started when They were 16 years old , students at Katy High School. Little did They know then what an amazing ministry God had waiting for them. After graduation, They both attended the Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, Texas. Aaron served as youth pastor of the First Baptist Church in the Heights during their college years. After graduating TBI Trica joined Aaron in the ministry. Four months later they were married. Not knowing what God had in store for their lives, but trusting in Him, they both knew that young people were their passion, and sharing God’s amazing love with them would make all the difference in their lives.
While growing up They both had lots of children in their homes. At the time they married, They had decided to have a large family possibly up to 10 children. God soon blessed them with two beautiful children. Trica was blessed to be a stay at home mom.

They decided to become foster parents. Many of the children they received were born with drug addictions, physical and mental problems, while others were from neglected homes. They each needed special care and love to get them through the challenges they had. After having them in their home they couldn’t imagine not having them in their family. “God has blessed us with our children and has given us the great responsibility to love and teach them the principles and absolutes of His word.”

After being a part of the foster system, They could see that many of the children did not receive the training and life skills needed to become productive citizens. One of the really big challenges of young woman, some of whom have aged out of the foster care system at age 18 have not been taught any life skills, work ethic and many times have never been taught who they are in Christ. Many never finish their high school education. They fall back into a life of drugs, sex trafficking, and other pour decisions, continuing the chain that brings more foster children into the world to be cared for.

God has shown Aaron and Trica They can make a difference in these girls’ lives. Whether they are coming from the foster system or girls coming from similar circumstances and have no support or assistance.

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